Who Should You Get Financial Advice From?

There are two different groups of financial advisors who you can get information from, but which is going to serve your interests better? On one hand you have the in-house financial advisors who work within a Lending institution and provide financial advice for the clients and prospective clients of their company. On the other hand there are the independent financial advisors who will provide advice to anyone regardless of which other financial institution they have loans with. Each of these is suitable for a different group of people, but many people could gain equal benefit from either one of these types of services. Who are Portafina

For those people who are going to use an in-house financial advice some investigation needs to be done so they can be sure that the institution they are thinking of making use of is reputable and that their advice will be impartial. In-house advisors in reputable lending institutions will recognise when an option doesn’t suit you and may suggest other options. These options may not necessarily benefit the company the advisor works for.

The benefits of using in-house advisors is that they can analyse the packages that they offer you in the company to see which would suit you best and can offer you a tailor made package to suit your needs and circumstances. In-house advisors may be limited to knowledge about the different situations that their companies specialise, but they may have more knowledge of those specialised areas than an all-round advisor might have.

Independent financial advisors have the advantage that they are seen to be far less likely to be biased towards a particular company. This allows you the security of knowing that the advice you get will be as impartial as possible. There is also the benefit that the options will be based on information from a range of different service providers rather than just one. They can often provide far more advice than just what you need to sort out your immediate needs. The more information you get, the better your decision making capability is. Independent financial advisors can also provide advice for a wider range of different financial situations than in-house advisors.


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